BNHA Boyfriend Quiz

Have you always wondered which BNHA boy character would be your boyfriend? Take this BNHA Boyfriend Quiz to find out!


bnha boyfriend quiz

Currently the most popular boy characters in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) are Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou. Other popular characters are Tenya Iida and All Might.

What is the MHA Boyfriend Quiz?

In this quiz, there will be ten questions to accurately determine the boy character from My Hero Academia that matches you. Try to answer each questions honestly and to the best of your ability for you to obtain the best result. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can always redo the test again. If you always wondered, which BNHA boyfriend would be the best match for you, then this quiz is the right quiz for you. We will also give you as much time as you need to answer each questions so make sure to take your time.

My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese anime series about a parallel world with superheroes and villains. So what are you waiting for? Play this My Academia Boyfriend Quiz to find out which boyfriend you will get. Also, please share this Boku no Hero Academia Boyfriend Quiz to your friends on social media.

Who is the main My Hero Academia boy characters?

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime series. His hero name is known as Deku, which was also a childhood nickname for him. Ever since Izuku was a child, he has always dreamed about becoming a hero. However, there was a major problem for Izuku as he was born quirkless, a rare condition where he does have any superpowers. Fortunately, Izuku manages to meet All Might, the number one pro hero who passes down his quirk to Izuku, thus allowing Izuku to have a quirk. The anime follows Izuku and his classmates journey into becoming pro heroes.

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is also another important character in the Boku no Hero Academia anime series. He will be a choice in this BNHA Boyfriend Quiz. Many fans consider Shoto to be one of the strongest characters out of all the characters. This is because Shoto possesses two powerful quirks, Ice and Fire. These two quirks allow Shoto to command both Ice and Fire and allows him to effectively combine to strengthen the other quirk. He is also the son of Endeavor, another very famous pro hero.

Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou is another essential My Hero Academia character. Initially portrayed as the opposite of Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki and Izuku were once actually childhood friends. He is a student at U.A. High School where he is training to become a pro hero. Ever since his childhood, Katsuki has always been arrogant, believing that he is the strongest. However, he realizes his pride is a weakness and undergoes character development throughout the series.

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  • Which quirk would you prefer to have?

    • Extreme strength.
    • Ice generation.
    • Explosive sweat.
    • Super speed.
    • Control of electricity.
  • What is your personality like?

    • Friendly
    • Serious
    • Prideful
    • Cold
    • Kind
  • What food would you eat if you were hungry?

    • Something spicy.
    • Pork/Chicken
    • Hamburgers and fries.
    • Stew/Soup
    • Noodles/Ramen
  • What would you do if you had free time?

    • Study and learn.
    • Watch a movie with friends.
    • Exercise
    • Read a book.
    • Meditate
  • What would be your reason to become a hero?

    • To become the strongest.
    • Because my parents said so.
    • To save people.
    • To look cool.
    • To maintain justice in the world.
  • Which pro hero do you like the best?

    • Endeavor
    • Hawks
    • All Might
    • Blue Jeanist
    • Ingenium
  • Which girl character do you like the best?

    • Kyoka Jiro
    • Ochaco Uraraka
    • Momo Yaoyorozu
    • Mei Hatsume
    • Mina Ashido
  • What animal would you choose to have as a pet?

    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Fish
    • Parrot
    • Lizard
  • What type of music do you listen to?

    • Pop
    • Rap
    • Classical
    • Dance
    • Rock
  • Where would you want to go on a date?

    • The amusement park.
    • The movie theatre.
    • The shopping mall.
    • The library.
    • The gym.

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