Minoru Mineta Quiz

Do you know everything about Minoru Mineta? Play this My Hero Academia Minoru Mineta Character Quiz and see how well you do.


The latest season has just been released in October. Due to popularity of this anime, this anime is already very popular worldwide. Try to do your best in this quiz! We created this Minoru Mineta for everyone who likes anime especially My Hero Academia. Play this Minoru Mineta Character Quiz 2020 to see how many questions you can answer.

Minoru Mineta is one of the least popular characters in the anime series because many fans do not like his personality. Many fans do not approve of his actions in the anime. However, there are time when Mineta does display his heroic qualities for all to see. There are a lot of questions in this My Hero Academia Minoru Mineta Quiz.  We will give you unlimited time to answer each question. This quiz is easy to play but hard to get perfect. Do you think you can get perfect? This quiz can be replayed as many times as you want. Play this Quiz 2020, share it with your friends on social media. Also try to finish this Ochaco Uraraka quiz.

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  • What day is his birthdate?

    • June 8
    • July 8
    • September 8
    • Octoboer 8
  • What is the official hero name of Minoru Mineta?

    • Sticky Man
    • Purple Juice
    • Grape Juice
    • Purple Man
  • What is the official name of his quirk?

    • Sticky Parts
    • Purple Ooze
    • Stick
    • Pop Off
  • What does his quirk do?

    • It allows him to throw explosive balls.
    • It allows him to go underground.
    • It allows him to create sticky balls.
    • It allows him to become huge.
  • What high school does he go to?

    • U.A. High School
    • U.B. High School
    • U.C. High School
    • U.D. High School
  • What class is Minoru Mineta in?

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
  • What is the real colour of his hair?

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • What is the colour of his eyes?

    • White
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Purple
  • Is he the class president?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What hero did Minoru Mineta intern under?

    • Midnight
    • Mt. Lady
    • Uwabimi
    • Hawk

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